$20.00 USD

You'll notice that we have a Tip Jar. We operate Mulberry Fork Review on a shoe-string budget with no outside funding from grants or bursaries. It costs more than you might think to operate a literary magazine. We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider helping us keep the journal afloat. 

There is a standing reading fee of $8.00 which applies to all submissions and which, if your submission is accepted, automatically enters your work into the Best of MFR competition. The winners will be announced in December, 2019 and will be awarded $500 in each of the four categories, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Nonfiction, and Prose Poetry. If you wish to pay an additional fee we will prioritize your submission. This isn't a guarantee that your work will be accepted but it does mean that we will respond as quickly as possible (trying our very BEST to respond within a week). AND... if your work isn't accepted we will offer an explanation as to why.

The Tip Jar fee is $20.